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Skajaquoda Fund was founded in 2008 (Skajaquoda Fund Series 14 Nov 2008) as an individual and separate Series from the Delaware series LLC, Skajaquoda Capital LLC and filed the Doing Business Name of Skajaquoda Fund (Skajaquoda Fund DBA filing) in the New Castle County where it operated (Skajaquoda Fund DBA Registration). Skajaquoda Fund received it’s own separate EIN number from the IRS (Skajaquoda Fund – EIN Number). Skajaquoda Fund also received it’s CUSIP and ISIN numbers shortly thereafter (HEDGE FUND CUSIP Confirmation). The Skajaquoda Fund held it’s physical office at 1001 Society Drive, Claymont, 19703, in the state of Delaware.

From the Wikipedia page about Series LLC’s:

“The concept of the series LLC was first introduced to[citation needed] help the mutual fund industry avoid filing multiple SEC filings for different classes of funds. Instead the idea was to use one entity for all funds so that the SEC filing would be under one umbrella, but still permit the individual funds’ activities to be conducted separately.[1] The concept is similar to that of the segregated portfolio company or protected cell company, concepts which existed prior to the invention of the series LLC. Segregated portfolio companies exist in countries such as Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, and Belize.[citation needed]

This method of liability segregation was first called the “Delaware Series LLC” because the first state to enact this legislation was Delaware (in 1996).”

Skajaquoda Capital LLC filed form D with the SEC for itself and all of its series soon after it was formed (Skajaquoda Form D).

In 2011 the Skajaquoda fund received a 5 star rating from Morningstar:

Skajaquoda Fund has from start been run as a multi-strategy fund.



Skajaquoda Fund’s office in Delaware.


Skajaquoda Fund Series 14 Nov 2008

Skajaquoda Form D

Skajaquoda Fund – EIN Number

Skajaquoda Fund DBA Filing

Skajaquoda Fund DBA Registration


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